About Us

Thank you for visiting us, we’re sure you’re wondering who we are.

Founded and run by a dedicated team of experienced equine business owners, professionals and enthusiasts, we believe that reputation and trust is earned.  We will work hard daily to earn yours.

We don’t want you to experience bad service whether from us or from the people you use to help look after your horses or your land.

We care about the service you and your horse receive from professionals in our industry.  We will strive to ensure those we recommend from our professional community are the best they can be.

Why Use Us?

We will instantly match your needs to the best professionals we know.  We’re just like word of mouth, but online.

We recommend them based on their qualifications, previous client reviews and Equine ProSure Accreditation status.

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Simple – Detail exactly what you want doing and the most suited and recommended professionals come to you.

Trusted – You can have the confidence that you’re using skilled, qualified, recommended professionals

Competitive – Up to 6 equestrian professionals will be system selected for the job you need doing. They will contact you with quotes so you can choose the right professional for you.

Free – It’s completely free for you to use FindAnEquinePro.com to find the right person for your next job.

How does our site work?

In three simple steps you can find trusted, local equestrian professionals for any job you need.

1. Tell us what you need.  2 View your matches.  3. Make your choice.

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Post your Job.  Tell us what type of service you need, when, the location and any extra details to describe your job, for example, “a kind caring horse dentist”.

We send your job to a carefully selected group of professionals.  We match your job to the 6 most qualified, suitable, highly reviewed, EquineProSure accredited businesses.

You receive an email with these professionals details – you can then have a look at their profiles yourself to get a full understanding of who they are.  You can choose to contact them yourself. Or;

You are contacted by and receive competitive quotes from the professionals.  This is why we only send you the top 6, no-one wants endless calls!

Equine Business Owners

Be matched to jobs and grow your business.

Have you got room to take on more clients, or are you wanting to take your business to the next level this year?

We match you to your future clients, instantly, sending work to your inbox.

Equine ProSure Accreditation  

Equestrian Professionals you can be sure of.  Look out for the shield!

Equine ProSure is the first accreditation scheme in the industry.  It delivers an accreditation allowing businesses to showcase and prove their capabilities to clients and customers.

When choosing your next professional, look out for the shield! This is evidence that your professional has met stringent criteria ensuring safe, ethical working practices as well as having had relevant qualifications and insurance certification checked.