is a FREE & SIMPLE way to find a local equine professional for every type of job you might need doing around the yard, home or for your horse.

Why Use Us?

Simple – Detail exactly what you want doing and the most suited and recommended professionals come to you. Trusted – You can have the confidence that you’re using skilled, qualified, recommended professionals Competitive – Up to 6 equestrian professionals will be system selected for the job you need doing. They will contact you with quotes so you can choose the right professional for you. Free – It’s completely free for you to use to find the right person for your next job.

How Does It Work?

Post your Job

We send your job to a carefully selected group of professionals

You receive an email with these professionals details

You are contacted by and receive competitive quotes from the professionals

You are contacted by and receive competitive quotes from the professionals

Why Register?

More Work – Our system selects you for the users job based on your relevance to their job and emails you with details of the job and client. Less hassle – Simple contact the potential client to aim to fulfil that job. Confidence – Users will have a higher confidence in the Professionals ability to complete their jobs. The Professionals will have to meet certain criteria. These criteria are very achievable for any reputable business. Value – You can register your business free or you can choose a paid option. Nowhere else within the equestrian industry will you pay so little to be linked directly to your potential future clients.

Where Did It All Begin?

As children, all of us within Find An Equine Pro learned to ride. We grew up on different yards, riding different horses, competing in local shows and eventually owning our first 4-legged loves.

We’ve all seen different professionals come out to do our horses feet, deliver the hay, do their teeth and we’ve been taught by many different riding instructors, even those awesome ones that used to put up cross poles and challenge us to jump bareback. From there some of us continued to own horses to this day, others went on to run equine businesses. A common feeling between us was that it was always word of mouth that we trusted when looking for that right person to help us look after our horses, or take us to that next level competing. It was also work of mouth that stopped us choosing one over the other. Find An Equine Pro started as an idea to make sure that any equine business owner, experienced or new, can reach their future clients without forking over silly money in advertising costs. It started for all us horse owners out there that just want one place to go to find anyone we need for our horses, with the confidence that they are certified, insured and above all recomended by others that have used them. It started with the goal of keeping the industry standards for all service providers to our horses, high. To ensure that only the best people, providing the best services at competitive rates, are there for us when we need them. It started for all these reasons and aims to provide them simply, efficiently and personally. Developed by horse owners for horse owners and equine business owners alike.

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