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Niki Warren – Mctimoney-Corley and Therpeutic Laser Therapist

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Mctimoney-Corley Skeletal therapy - qualified in 2009 for Animals and 2010 for People.

The gentle corrective manipulation of the bones of the head, spinal column, pelvis and limbs, is believed to enhance the natural self-healing capabilities of the body.We are called McTimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapists because, although most patients visit us with a back problem, on most occasions the therapist will look at other parts of the body as well – hence our motto ‘The Whole Body Whole’. For example, if a patient has a knee problem, the therapist will still look at the spine and pelvis too.  Re-alignment may be achieved with adjustments that encourage soft tissue release. Many patients believe that McTimoney-Corley Therapy, in its gentle approach, has been more suited to their bodies.  Testimonials have shown that McTimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapy does not just relieve pain, but sometimes removes the cause of other disease. No cell or organ of the body can function properly without its correct supply of nerve impulses.  Remedial exercises will be recommended and advice will always be given to help avoid a recurrence of the problem.  McTimoney-Corley Skeletal Therapy can also be used as a preventative therapy. The frequency of treatments depends on the person’s occupation and life-style.  This therapy has also been successfully adapted to treat most animals, especially horses and dogs.

Therapeutic Laser Therapy:

Otherwise known as Photobiomuducation, is the application of red and near infra-red light over injuries or lesions to improve wound and soft tissue healing, reduce inflammation and give relief for both acute and chronic pain.  Photobiomodulation is used to: increase the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair; resolve inflammation and relieve pain (analgesia), amoungst many other healing properites.  When the correct intensity and treatment times are used, red and near infrared light reduces oxidative stress and increases ATP. This improves cell metabolism and reduce inflammation.   PBM is popularly used for soft tissue injuries, joint conditions, arthritic pain, neuropathic pain, along with many other conditions/diseases.  PBM can be used alongside all over treatment modalites.

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